Studio Has: Devotion To Beauty

A Luxurious Vintage Living Room

Studio Has is a 7 person team studio, based in Los Angeles, that was founded by Tatum Kendrick whose devotion to beauty and experience is at the core of her work. Being born around people who worked with design in one form or another, Tatum decided to understand people first and merge that knowledge with design.

Curating each project like an artful residence, she strives to tell a story about the people who inhabit the homes she designs. With the vision of an artist and a mind of an architect she layers projects with equal measure function and form, pulling inspiration from fashion, art and historical architecture.

In this vintage project, we can place some of our products to give it a even more luxury feeling like the Sequoia center table by Brabbu that has a walnut root veneer top shows the passage of years, together with the Stone side table by Boca do Lobo which is ut in a classic shaped pattern, yet with a modern design twist!