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A Dining Room in a Modern-Classic style in shades of grey with a stunning combination of all the pieces.

In this Dining Room project we can observe a combination of wonderful modern pieces in a classic environment, these pieces with a modern design and a sense of high luxury give the space a very exclusive charisma.

In this Dining Room we can observe some of our Best Sellers, such as Limited Editon Collection, making a magical combination with the entire architecture of the space. We can see our wonderful Symphony Sideboard, which draws inspiration from church organ tubes, as well as violin’s details. Like all of Boca do Lobo’s designs, the Symphony is hand made by experienced craftsmen, each with different specialties, from metal-work to wood carving. It features a cluster of polished brass tubes with an exotic wood structure, creating a harmonious artful mix. Through Boca do Lobo’s vision, the Symphony seeks to re-interpret classic elements through contemporary design and cutting-edge technology and has become an emblematic piece within the Limited Edition Collection.

On the Dining Table falls our Explosion Suspension, this piece of lighting is reminiscent the vast cosmos of modern lighting designs. With a high prestige and a revivalist attitude, this piece salutes the Sputnik. A strong attention to mighty and luxury detail are reflected in the numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms which orbit around a center sphere, which brings this Dining Room a contemporary but at the same time refined air, maintaining the luxury finishes even if in a modern design.

As a Dining Table, we can see our Agra Dining Table, this Dining Table is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance. Made of Estremoz marble with polished gold details, this coffee table will add refined grace to your Dining Room!

Accompanying this stunning Dining Table, we can observe the Oka Dining Chair, these Dining Chairs taking inspiration from the interesting dialogues of the Bakaya people, whose word for “listen” is oka, our designers created OKA Dining Chair. This upholstered Dining Room chair in cotton velvet dazzles in its simplicity and will stand gracefully in a Dining Room set.

A Dining Room with lots of charm and style, our mission is to design environments that inspire and leave you astonished like this!